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Volume of Board Feet per Log = (D-4)2 x (L/16)

D = Diameter inside bark at the small end (inches)

L = Log length (feet)

How to Convert Doyle Log Scale to Cubic Meters

Example scale reads as follows (estimated):
- 7.1m3 = MBF (7"+)
- 6.2m3 = MBF (11"+)
- 5.8m3 = MBF (14"+)
- 4.6m3 = MBF (22"+)
- 4.2m3 = MBF (34"+)

There is no standard formula to convert Doyle scale MBF to cubic meters.

transparent 1 inch cut.png

Diagram shows the number of 1-inch boards that can be cut from a specific log.

briggs image transparent.gif
Lumber Scale

T = Nominal thickness (inches) 

W= Nominal width (inches) 

L = Length (feet)


Board Feet = T x W x L/12

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